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Benefits of white pages directory

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick | Aug 15, 2023

Benefits of white pages directory

White pages directory is a print directory which provides an alphabetical listing of businesses within a specific geographical area . Traditionally these directories have been published by the local phone company.

Before what we have is the phone directory. It is divided into two types of pages: the white pages where the phone number of an individual is listed and the yellow pages where the contact details of business firms. Not only is it big and heavy,

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it is also not advisable to keep it for more than a year because the new updated versions of phone directories are release by the telephone companies every year. The updated version may also not be able to help you get the phone number of the person you want to contact since that person could have asked the telephone operator to disconnect his phone subscription right after the updated version of the phone directory is printed and distributed. If such happens, is there still a way to get the contact details of the person you need to reach? Thanks to technology, you still can with the online white pages directory.

If the printed white pages directory includes only the phone number of a person, online white pages directorycompletes all the information you need about a person. Online white pages directory are very easy to use. Just type the name of the person you need to find and click the submit button. What comes out next is similar to Google map. Expect that there individuals who have the same name as the one you entered so narrow your search. Specify the location of the person you’re looking for by entering the area code. Also, each state has its available online white pages directory.

Online white pages directory does not only give you the contact details of a person. Since it has a feature that is similar to Google map, you can view the neighboring establishments as well. This could be very useful for you if you’ll meet a friend that you have not been in touch with and lives in a neighborhood that you’re not familiar with. You did not only get the phone number, you also got the home address. You can now easily look for landmarks in order not to get lost along your trip.

If you have a stalker who keeps on calling you, online white pages directory will be very handy for you. Online white pages directory has a “White Pages Reverse Phone Lookups” feature that lets you track the person making those calls. Just enter the number and voila! The mystery is solved. However, White Pages Reverse Phone Lockups only keep tack with landline numbers. Cellphone numbers are records secured private by the communication network. If you really insist to reveal who owns the cellphone number that keeps on bugging you, there is also a Reverse Cell Phone Directory online that lets you search for the owner of the cellphone number.

Another benefit of online white pages directory is it saves trees! The traditional phone directory had to cut down hundreds of trees and contribute to the aggravation of calamities, global warming, and climate change. Plus, traditional phone directories are heavy enough to carry around. Unlike with online white pages directory, as long as you have a computer unit or a laptop with an internet connection, you can move freely while searching.

Of course, if it online white pages directory has it benefits, it also has a flaw. What if you have no other information about the person except their name? There are thousands or even millions who are baptized with the same name, how will you ever find them? That is some issue that online white pages directory needs to attend to in order to help people with their searching.

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