iPhone 3G Features: What is New On The Device

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick | Aug 15, 2023

iPhone 3G Features: What is New On The Device

The iPhone 3G introduces some amazing features with it to boast itself as a revolutionary phone, advanced Internet device and a widescreen iPod.

The iPhone 3G of Apple has created a new hype and has captured the imagination of many gadget savvies. With its beautiful features and unique user interface iPhone 3G has evolved as one of the coveted device of the age.

The gadget can be used for communication,

browsing internet, listening music, capture video and images and make video calls. The 3G technology has given the iPhone faster access to the Internet and email over cellular network around the world. It is not only an exceptional user interface mobile, but also a device that can enrich mobile music and multimedia experience of the users.

The trendy look of the iPhone 3G has the prowess to catch the fancy of any user. Moreover, advanced functionality and features of the device can tempt anyone to be a proud owner of an iPhone 3G. Let us know about the salient features of the handy and sophisticated device.

TFT touchscreen:

Monitor is the most striking and practical feature of the iPhone 3G with its colour display. The 3.5 inches TFT touch screen is so attractive that the user would be tempted to download video games from the Internet to play on the screen. Also, there are options for downloading entertainment and information based files.

Larger memory:

It is the memory space of the iPhone 3G that has taken the device to a higher level and made it a suitable storehouse of music and files. The gadget has a larger memory and it can be extended up to 16 GB. The feature can help the user to combine iPhone 3G with existing iPod and music brought from iTunes.


You can use your iPhone 3G for conference calling. However, the other features that make the handset flexible are voicemail and Google map applications. Support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync delivers push email, calendar, and contacts to the handset. You can get directions, find your location and track your progress along a route with the GPS adds. With the App Store you can browse applications and download directly to your iPhone 3G


iPhone 3G is an useful device to send emails in the form of attachment. The ability of web browsing, listening to latest chartbusters, downloading music are desirable features of the handset. It is also possible to synchronise iPhone 3G with other similar gadgets to acquire music and video files with options like Bluetooth and USB port. Now you can be on a call and simultaneously surf the web, download emails, watch video. With the iPhone 3G cellular network it is possible to access the device in many places without connecting to Wi-Fi.

Faster access:

The technology protocol named as HSDPA is used in iPhone 3G to make the downloading, web browsing and email attachment faster. The cellular communication of iPhone 3G meets the worldwide standard that enables the user to make calls and surf the web from any part of the world.

Longer Battery life:

The iPhone 3G boasts Li-Ion battery that delivers 300 hours of stand by time and 10 hours of talk time. Now, the travellers can get the freedom of accessing the handset for a longer time at any place.

Smaller size:

The new iPhone 3G comes with 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm dimensions. The portability and light weight of 133 grams make it a more feasible device.

Fast 3G wireless technology, support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, GPS the new App Store are the more advanced features of iPhone 3G. However, iPhone 3G has many different technologies and features to offer. But the popular and customized application of the handset gives users the satisfaction of using a high-end and chic device.

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